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Due to health concerns, we will not be breeding miniature donkeys in the future and will just be keeping a few as pets. The remaining donkeys are our favorites and are our best. We are pricing them below market value to find great homes for them. We have enjoyed the great friends that we have made along the way and the wonderful donkeys that we have bred, but now is the time to pass the torch to others. Thank you to all who have supported our breeding program.


'Double N Pretty Precious'
Double N Pretty PreciousDouble N Pretty Precious
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Black/Brown & White Spotted Jennet
Height: 31"
D.O.B.: 11-06-99

Sire: Double N Ditto, Brown and white spotted, 31.5"

Dam: Double N Precious, Brown and White Spotted, 31.5"

Precious is a lovely, light boned, refined jennet with a gorgeous tiny head. She also has a great legset, and level topline, coupled with one of the sweetest personalities in the donkey world. She has been bred to Jimmy Dean beginning 1/29/12.

Precious had a very tiny black, brown and white jack named Confetti on 2/05/13 that we are retaining for a future herdsire.

She was bred to Jimmy Dean for a fall 2015 foal.


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'Itsy Bitsy Burro Company Shutterbug'
Itsy Bitsy Burro Company Shutterbug
Itsy Bitsy Burro Company ShutterbugItsy Bitsy Burro Company Shutterbug
Itsy Bitsy Burro Company ShutterbugItsy Bitsy Burro Company Shutterbug
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Dark Brown Jennet
Height: 32"
D.O.B.: 4-24-08

Sire: RB Farms Don Pepe, 29" Very Dark Brown

Dam: Itsy Bitsy Burro Company Irish Mist, 33" Black w/Cross

Shutterbug is a gorgeous, refined, showy jennet with a wide legset, sleek body and a small, dished head. She was picked out by our daughter as her show jennet, and Shutterbug has not let us down.

Shutterbug was NMDA First Place 3 to 4 Year Old Jennet at the 2011 Texas State Fair, and Grand Champion Jennet.

Shutterbug was NMDA First Place 3 to 4 Year Old Jennet at the 2012 Texas State Fair.

Shutterbug is exopsed to Fire and Ice for a spring 2014 foal.

She was picked by our daughter as her show jennet and has not let us down, Shutterbug is offered for sale after the birth of her 2014 foal. She would be a perfect jennet for someone that wants a quiet, easy to handle jennet that is show trained, or someone wanting a donkey for their child. Shutterbug never gets upset, and has even been on the trampoline with Tati and enjoyed it. She is a great mother and is used to dogs, horses, cats, chickens and turkeys. She will be offered for $2500 after her foal
Sunspot is weaned or $3750 with Sunspot as a package deal.

Shutterbug had a red and white spotted jack that we named Sunspot on 3/25/14.


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'Hill Country Mini's Sunspot'
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Color: Red, Brown & White Spot

Birth Height 19"
D.O.B.: 3-25-14

Sire: MGF Fire and Ice B012, 30" Sorrel & White Spot

Dam: Itsy Bitsy Burro Company Shutterbug, 32" Dark Brown

Sunspot, barn name Sunny, is a stunning, tiny, red and white spotted jack with his father's baby doll head, perfect eyeliner, straight legs, and level top line. We have sold his wonderful father, and were going to keep him as a replacement, but have decided to go down to three jacks. He has a delightful personality and craves attention. He has that hard to find show presence and would do very well in the show ring. His parents have many ribbons between them, so he comes by it honestly. He also has a full five generation pedigree full of well known, small donkeys. On top of all of this, you have his beautiful color. What's not to like?


'Hill Country Miniatures Pandora'
McRoberts Game Farm Temptress
McRoberts Game Farm TemptressMcRoberts Game Farm Temptress
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Dark Sorrel
Birth Height: 20"
D.O.B.: 8-09-10

Sire: Asspirin Acres Magma, 30.5" Dark Sorrel

Dam: Schrater's Strawberry Muffin, 31" Dark Sorrel

Pandora is a Dark Sorrel, well built show jennet that is the product of two of our best animals. She had been retained for our breeding program, and is reluctantly being sold during our herd reduction. She has beautiful legs, a round rump, straight topline and a beautiful head.

She has been in with Fire Water from spring 2014 until present.

Pandora's father was sold to England and her mother was sold to France.
we have not been able to get her in foal, so she will be sold as a pet.

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Sale for Others


'Big Woods Roseanna Danna'
Big Woods Roseanna DannaBig Woods Roseanna Danna
Her Foal King
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Jennet, Light Red (sorrel)
Height: 33.75"
D.O.B.: 4/6/02

Sire: Circle C Corona
Dam: LN Noranda

Roseanna Danna is a stunning red jennet that was consistently in the ribbons when she was shown.  Her gorgeous head, balanced conformation and stocky body make her shine in the pasture.  Big Woods Roseanna Danna was breeding Red Rangler beginning Fall 2012.

Roseanna Danna had Lone Star on 11/08/09 He is being offered on our For Sale page.

She foaled a dark red jennet on 10/26/08 that we named Spitfire, who was first place in jennets at the Texas Shootout,and second place place in weanling jennets at the 2009 NMDA Nationals. She also was high selling jennet at the Great American Miniature Donkey Sale, and now lives with Ass-Pirin Acres Miniature Donkeys in Vermont.

Her last foal, Tasha, now lives on Maui, Hawaii, with Muffy Davis. Can we go?

Past Foals: Hill Country Miniatures Tasha, born 4/19/07.

Lone Star is sold.

Roseanna Danna had a sorrel jack named Houston on 3/20/11, that is sold.

She now has a young light sorrel jack foal (his name is King)
at her side.

Big Woods Rosanna Danna

2002 - First Place Jennets at Halter, Grand Champion Jennet Dixie Classic Fair, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

2002 - Jennets at Halter North CarolinaState Fair Horse Show

2002 - First place Foals at Halter - State Fair 2002 Columbia, South Carolina

2002 - Third place Color & Conformation, Fifth place Jennets at Halter - Draft Horse & Mule Show State Fair - Richmond, Virginia

2/23/03 - First place Jennets at Halter - Southwestern Donkey & Mule Society

6/08/03 - First place Jennets at Halter, Reserve Model Donkey - Southwestern Donkey & Mule Society

2003 - Second place Jennets at Halter - Southwestern Donkey & Mule Society Fall Jamboree

2003 - Third Place Jennets at Halter - State Fair of Texas Dallas, TX

2003 - Sixth place Jennets at Halter - Southwestern Exposition & Livestock Show Ft. Worth, TX

2003 - Second place Donkey Halter Class Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

2004 - Fifth place Jennets at Halter - Southwestern Exposition & Livestock Show - Ft. Worth, TX

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Lynn Denton



'Hill Country Miniatures Celebration'
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Photo Coming Soon.
Color: xx
D.O.B.: 11-19-12

Sire: HHAA Sweet Spotz, 31" Black & White Spot

Dam:Schrater's Red Robin 31.5" Sorrel


Please Contact:
Lynn Denton


We have a dear friend who has purchased many quality animals from us, but due to a death in the family is no longer able to keep them. She is entertaining reasonable offers.  Her name is Jerilyn Mcbride jerilyn_mcbride@yahoo.com and her contact info is 580-465-6590, and their website is www.applecartacres.com



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